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Welcome to our new site.

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***Parental Discretion is Advised***


***Warning::: if you have a weak Stomach for: The Truth, Political views that are not the mainstream 2 party corporate duopoly, other people’s opinions, Freedom, Reality or graphic depictions of the real world outside then turn back now and come no further!!!! ***

Studio Rasta


Big Rog here,

Sexpedal has been real busy we have recently received our copyright on “Lead Foot” our 14 Song record. we will be releasing a 4 song single “Lead Foot the single”, Our fans will be picking which 4 song will be on it.

We have also been working on promotions,

I have been Spreading the word up in Motown.

Sparrow has been doing promotions from Ft. Lauderdale to Mexico & is Currently in Europe.

While I have been showing up all over the Treasure Coast handing out free Schwag from Doctor Feelgood’s in West Palm Beach, Fl. to the Biggest Halloween Party in Fort Pierce.

We will be shipping out Sexpedal Schwag to the Sexpedal Street Team Members very soon.

Visit our Sexpedal Myspace Page

Press Release: For immediate release #petrified

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Press Release: For immediate release
‪#‎petrified‬ #PetrifiedTheMovie
Dark Continent Studios has Commissioned WTF Productions & Sexpedal

Sexpedal will be doing the Sound track for a the New Indie Horror Film Called Petrified Based on the True Story of the Devils Tree in Port saint Lucie Florida!
In Port St. Lucie, FL, there is a little park where people go to fish, or put their boats into the C-24 Canal. In 1973, before the park or any houses were built in the area, the serial killer Gerard John Schaefer. According to a news article: This homicidal Broward County, Florida, ex-policeman, though convicted in 1973 of only two mutilation murders, is believed to be responsible for at least thirty more killings. A sadistic sex-beast by nature, Schaefer would lure young women off the roads with the help of his badge to rape, torture, mutilate and murder.

Dark Continent Studios has Commissioned WTF Productions to launch their Metro Detroit Casting call as well as Provide Visual content, onsite shoots,Green screen compositions, practical special effects,Social Networking & site logistics
WTF Productions will also be interviewing individuals for the Petrified Metro Detroit Street Team.




Written by
Eric Jonathan
go to https://www.facebook.com/PetrifiedTheMovie http://dcstudioproductions.com/home.cfm
to read more about it!

Sparrow is in Europe

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Beerfest was fuckin awesome,,,vienna and budapest,,,,the bomb….going to greece and venice later this week!

Sexpedal Band Update

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Just wanted to let you all know that we have been working on some new Material in the Studio.12stickman

The CD Release Party was a Blast and we have the pictures to prove it!  








The Former Evil-E is no longer with us, due to his personal issues.
We are looking for a Freestyle Rapper to Perform on several Songs & in a video that will be coming soon!
Stay Tuned For more new Music and Blog Posts!

Manic-depressive illness or bipolar disorder

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manic2This is Dedicated to “E” a long time Friend and once Brother who’s life has been a Series of Devastatingly Disappointing ups and downs!

Over the years i have lost a lot of good friends, some to Drugs some to Jail and some to Death. So it is safe to say that most of the Friends that i grew-up with are either On Drugs,Dead or in Jail! It is So hard to see the people that you Love and care about Pulled-in, consumed  and devastated by the Culture of the Ghetto. That’s why its even harder to see a Friend and loved one suffer at the hand of their own Destruction and torment!

Manic Depression

1rtsketchSeveral of people that i have cared about over the years have Battled with Manic Depression and Bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, in addition to affecting the sufferer’s life, this disease also has the potential to devastate the lives of friends and family. Not only is it very hard to watch a friend or loved ones life start to spiral out of  control but  Being around a Person during a Manic, Depressive, or Mixed Bipolar Episode is like watching a movie about a Roller Coaster while riding a Roller Coaster, one Minuet life is Great the future looks bright the World is Perfect. the next minute the world is coming to an end, life sucks and and life is barley worth living. the energy of such an emotional roller coaster is disorienting! If your child, spouse, sibling, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, parent or friend is bipolar, you suffer almost as much as they do.
Manic episode: A manic episode is diagnosed if elevated mood occurs with 3 or more of the other symptoms most of the day, nearly every day, or for 1 week or longer. If the mood is irritable, 4 additional symptoms must be present.
Depressive episode: A depressive episode is diagnosed if 5 or more of these symptoms last most of the day, nearly every day, or for a period of 2 weeks or longer.
Mixed bipolar episode: In some people, however, symptoms of mania and depression can occur together in a mixed bipolar state. A person could have a very sad, hopeless mood, while feeling energized at the same time.

I truly hope that “E” gets the help he needs and is able to gain Stability and learn to keep up proper Maintenance of His Disorder!

I have been researching this Disorder Since the Fall of our Friendship, i will say i now have a better understanding of the Hell you go thru while living with this Disorder.

The following is a first hand account of how someone with this disored feels! please visit the site.

How I Feel
When I Am Manic

When I am manic:

I get very tense. All my muscles will tense up, and my shoulder blades and my jaw muscles begin to ache. It usually happens when I am busy, but busy doing the exact same things every day which don’t usually stress me out.

My heartbeat apparently speeds up. I don’t think it actually does, but it seems that way. Can be mistaken for excitement or enthusiasm or urgency. My level of excitement/urgency is out of proportion with what is happening to me or around me.

Physical activities requiring full muscle movements (cycling, swimming, lifting weights) becomes effortless. When manic, I have lifted weights weighing nearly one-and-a-half as much as I usually can and swam twenty lengths more than normal and cycled faster. And all with less apparent effort.

Activities requiring fine motor control become difficult. Tieing shoelaces requires utmost concentration. Shaving becomes difficult. Picking up or putting down stuff requires effort. Handwriting gets erratic (but typing remains accessible). I tend to feel jittery, as if my hands are shaking, but they never are.

I get twitchy. My hands and feet may rhythmically shake on their own accord. I may get spasms in my shoulders for no reason. I also get verbally twitchy. I talk to myself, repeating the words to myself. The twitchiness is not intense and it is easy, almost automatic, to damp them down when I recognise it is happening.

When I am manic, these are my symptoms of mania

I react to things way out of proportion to what is needed, either by becoming excited, or angry, or happy, or anxious.

I get irritated about the smallest things. I argue with waiters. I get annoyed with store clerks. I quarrel with the telephone operators. I get short tempered with my friends and my family.

Driving becomes difficult and hazardous. I overreact to oncoming or overtaking vehicles. My memory failure makes it difficult keep a mental picture of traffic around me. At intersections, if I look for cars in one direction, by the time I check the other direction I have forgotten if there are oncoming cars from the first direction.

I get the intense urge to do things, even if I know that they are stupid and even if I know they will irritate people. It could be in saying things to people, poking / tickling people, interrupting people when they are talking, or ignoring people.

I get vivid realistic full colour dreams. I feel as I am actually living these dreams as if they are real life. Sometimes, I am not sure if my memories are from real life or from one of these dreams. (I can never remember these or any of my dreams in detail).

I get major carbohydrate (not sugar) cravings. Bread, rice, and pasta are wonderful. Or, I don’t feel like eating at all.

Speech speeds up and may be a bit unintelligible to others (as noticed usually by people asking “what?”). Grammar remains intact.

When I am manic, I also get these symptoms of mania

There is a tendency when speaking to just have sentences trail off without finishing them. More frequently, I would be in the midst of a sentence and forget the next word I wanted to say. Indeed I forget all the words I need to use to show the point I was trying to make. I would be able to visualize what I want to say, but not be able to think how to say it.

Memory about facts or items fail. I can’t remember dates, names of things, or when I met people, or telephone numbers. I often can’t remember activities that I have done unless strongly reminded. I forget things I have to do, appointments, etc. I am famous among my friends for this.

Productivity soars as I feel better, move faster, get things done. Even though I find this a good thing, it is an indicator because it degenerates to…

I get ideas on all the things I want to do. Good ideas. I think this is what the standard texts mean by grandiose ideas, but it doesn’t manifest as “grandiose.” Just good ideas and lots and lots of them. This can halt any functionality I have as I sit down and think on them instead of getting ahead with what I have to do. Few of these get acted upon eventually. Many projects may be started but few are finished.

I get easily confused if I have more than one thing to do. Everything become equally urgent and I find myself swapping between doing 5 things at once (and getting none done adequately). I cannot concentrate enough to do one thing because I feel other things need to get done “now!”. One of most obvious ways I notice this is I start walking back and forth between two locations to get two things done simultaneously (for example – trying to change on a morning and trying to get breakfast organized).

My thoughts begin to get out of my control.

When I am manic:

At work, I tend to get focused on one project almost to the exclusion of everything else. I visualise with crystal clarity what needs to be done and I can’t wait to get back to working on the project. I take time off other tasks, even important ones to finish the project. Other work suffers and paperwork from them pile up on my desk. Activities outside work may suffer.

I stay at work until very late hours of the night, often past midnight to finish a project even though everyone else has left the office since six pm. I may come in early to start working on it. Everything on the project has to be just right. It’s almost an obsession.

If there are other persons working on the project, I become impatient with their slowness or inability to understand how the project needs to go. I quarrel with others. Given half a chance I take over even though this might not be the most diplomatic thing to do.


My poetry exists when I’m hypomanic. Language becomes a toy to play with rather than a workman’s tool of communication. I can churn out limericks within minutes on anything that is happening around me. My poetry comes out fully formed in a burst lasting from two to less than twenty minutes and needs no fine tuning or rewriting.

A Point of Note. I thought a lot of these things were my normal behaviour until I went on medication. After all, none are really so far out of the ordinary. But they all stop when I am stable.

These days, I monitor myself closely. Once I am getting one or two of the symptoms of mania, I actively try to calm myself down with deep breathing or taking a 5 minutes off from what I am doing, etc. I have found this to be useful in staving off the onset of the hypomania and sometimes the intensity of the hypomania. And it keeps me functional longer if the it starts happening at work, enough to finish work for the day sometimes.

Sexpedal CD Release Party

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Hosted By::
Sexpedal THE BAND

Saturday Nov 29, 2008
at 8:00 PM

Stickman Studios
SW Clover St
Port St Lucie, FL 34953
United States
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~UPDATE~ Were Not Criminals

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UPDATE!!!!!!!!!November 7,2008medmarijuana_250x250_main

Michigan Makes Medical Marijuana Legal

Twelve states currently have provisions allowing patients to use medical marijuana, and ten more have similar legislation pending. Now Michigan voters have voted to permit the medical use of this controversial drug. Some shudder at the thought, but others insist that marijuana is a valuable medicine.  Michigan Will bring America one step closer to embracing medical marijuana?

I am proud to tell you that proposal 1 in Michigan has passed by a landslide margin of 62% by 38%.If your if your unaware about prop 1 it it the legalization of medical marijuana.By law if prescribed medical marijuana you will be able top possess up to and no more than two and a half ounces or about 42 grams.Also you will not be giving your cannabis through the state of Michigan but you will be able to legally possess and cultivate for your personal consumption up to and no more than twelve plants.

HeeHeeHee Thank you sincerly to all you voters.Together we will make a difference help fight cancer,treat depression,severely weaken the symptoms of glaucoma.Not to mention cannabis is a great cash crop for the United States of America.

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has strong support from voters and health organizations. The federal government, however, has resisted any change to marijuana’s illegal status at the federal level. The Supreme Court ruled in 2005 in Raich v. Gonzales that the federal government can prosecute medical marijuana patients, even in states with compassionate use laws, and several medical marijuana dispensaries in California have since been subject to Drug Enforcement Administration raids.

Federal Law

In the wake of the June 2005 Supreme Court decision, Congress had an opportunity to protect patients by passing an amendment to a Justice Department spending bill that would have prohibited the department from spending any money to undermine state medical marijuana laws. The amendment, offered for the third year in a row by Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-22nd/NY) and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-46th/CA), did not pass but got 161 votes – more than it has ever received before. This is substantial progress given that in 1998, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 311-94 for a non-binding resolution condemning medical marijuana.

Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I substance, defined as having a high potential for abuse and no medicinal value. Multiple petitions for rescheduling marijuana have been submitted by reform advocates over the last 30 years. The most recent, submitted in 2002 by the Coalition for Rescheduling Cannabis, calls for a full review of the scientific research and medical practice regarding marijuana. The Food and Drug Administration has yet to respond to this petition.

In 1978, the federal government was forced to allow some patients access to medical marijuana after a “medical necessity” defense was recognized in court, creating the Investigational New Drug (IND) compassionate access program. The IND, which allowed some patients to receive medical marijuana from the government, was closed to new patients in 1992 after it was flooded by applications from AIDS patients. Today, seven surviving patients still receive medical marijuana from the federal government.

State Law

The 2005 Raich Supreme Court decision does not overturn or affect state law, and 99% of all marijuana arrests take place at the state or local level. This means that state laws afford substantial protection to medical marijuana patients. Currently, laws that effectively remove state-level criminal penalties for growing and/or possessing medical marijuana are in place in Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington. Ten states, plus the District of Columbia, have symbolic medical marijuana laws (laws that support medical marijuana but do not provide patients with legal protection under state law).

New Mexico passed its medical marijuana bill in early 2007. In 1998, voters in the District of Columbia approved a medical marijuana initiative by 69% but Congress was able to nullify the vote results because D.C. is a federal district and not a state.

Twelve states have medical marijuana research laws, and only fifteen states have never had a positive medical marijuana law.

The Courts

In addition to changing state laws, medical marijuana advocates have pursued reform through the courts, most recently in the Raich v. Ashcroft Supreme Court case. Angel Raich, a medical marijuana patient in California, sued the federal government to stop federal raids against patients. Though she did not win the case, the ruling left state medical marijuana laws intact. She is now back in court with an appeal based on a different set of arguments. The new arguments assert that she should be allowed to use medical marijuana because she has the fundamental right to avoid death and severe pain under the Fifth and Ninth Amendments.

In 1997, Conant v. McCaffrey, a class-action lawsuit, was filed on behalf of physicians and seriously ill patients against Drug Czar General Barry McCaffrey and other top federal officials who threatened to revoke prescription licenses or criminally prosecute physicians who recommend medical marijuana. In 2002, a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously decided to uphold the right of doctors to recommend marijuana to their patients and of patients to receive that recommendation. Judge Mary Schroeder wrote the majority opinion, which noted that the federal government’s policy of revoking doctors’ licenses “leaves…no security for free discussion.” A concurring opinion by Judge Alex Kozinski stepped even further, noting the prevailing evidence on the medical usefulness of marijuana.

Public Support

Medical marijuana is one of the most widely supported issues in drug policy reform. Numerous published studies suggest that marijuana has medical value in treating patients with serious illnesses such as AIDS, glaucoma, cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and chronic pain. In 1999, the Institute of Medicine, in the most comprehensive study of medical marijuana’s efficacy to date, concluded, “Nausea, appetite loss, pain and anxiety . . . all can be mitigated by marijuana.” Allowing patients legal access to medical marijuana has been discussed by numerous organizations, including the AIDS Action Council, American Bar Association, American Public Health Association, California Medical Association, National Association of Attorneys General, and several state nurses associations.

Public opinion is also in favor of ending the prohibition of medical marijuana. According to a 1999 Gallup poll, 73% of Americans are in favor of “making marijuana legally available for doctors to prescribe in order to reduce pain and suffering.” In a 2004 poll commissioned by AARP, 72% of Americans ages 45 and older thought marijuana should be legal for medicinal purposes if recommended by a doctor. Also, since 1996, voters in eight states plus the District of Columbia have passed favorable medical marijuana ballot initiatives.


Were Not Criminals

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This blog will prove to the American public that were not criminals….

Its The Same Old Storie…(NickBrownly)These are just some of The cannibis laws across the world..


Penalties for cannibus offences vary from state to state.Since the 70’s several states have lessened penalties for possession,cultivation and use of small amounts of cannibus.In 1987 South Australia followed in 1992 by the Australian Capitol Territories,introduced expiation notice schemes,which required on the spot finesfor minor cannibus offenses;if the fine is paid promtly,no court appreance or criminal record is necsseary, but, if not a court apperance will follow.Recently,the Northern Territory,Victoia and Western Australia have followed suit and introduced cautioning.The trend of reducing penalties for possseion has been matched by harder penalties for supply.


Use is a crimanal offence,resulting in a fine or custodial sentence.


On April 21st 1998 Belgium offically Decriminalized cannibus,wich means,in practice,that those cought in possion for personal consumption will not be prosecuted but indutrial production and dealing will not be tollerated.In 2001,it announced that,under radical plans approved by the cabbinet,it will soon be legal to grow,import and consume potentially unlimited amounts of pot for personal use in Belgium.Any possession of canibis for personal consumption will no longer provoke a reaction from the justice system unless it use is considered to be,problematic or creates a social nuisance;the health Minister,Magda Aelvoet,said Legislation is due to be passed by the end of 2002


In 2001,Canada became the frist to legalize cannabis for medical use.This effectively undid its 1961 Fedaral Narcotic Control Act,which made it illegal to possess,trafic,possess for traficing,cultivate,import and export cannibis.


In Feburay 1999,the cuban parliament approved a law that introduced the death penalty for the possession,production,and trafficking of drugs.

Czhec Republic.

In January 1999,depite the efforts of former President and 1960’s hippie Vaclev Havel,the Czech goverment made more than a small amount of marijuana illegal.Befor this law was drafted,marijuana was technically legal for personal consumption.


Cannibis is allowed to be grown,sold and consumed in an area that is part of the Copenhagen.Unfortunately,the people who live there are mostly poor and the area is quite run down,which gives cannibis a bad image in the press.


In 1868,possession was made a capitol offence.in 1874,importaion was allowed but not possession.Then in 1879importiaon was again made illegal  and in 1884 growing also became a crimanal offence.These laws were reissued in 1891 and 1894.It is still illegal today,although many locals smoke.Crops in Sinia are being destroyed and westerners are being givin long sentences by the courts.


Use remains to be a criminal offence


Accroding to  Article 630 of the French public health regulations,French citiens are banned from portraying in favorable light and promoting or inciting the consumption of any product classed as a banned subtance.In theory,the possession and selling of cannibis is banned and anyone caught importing just a few grams can be jailed for up to 30 years.Yet figures indicate that some 7 million of the countrys 60 million population have tried nthe drug at least once,while 2 million are regular users.


Germanys narcotic laws prohiibit the importing,exporting and processing of cannibis,although cultivation of cannibis as a beet-breeding agentis allowed provided the plants do not flower.Smoking a joint is illegal,but a landmark ruling from Germany’s constitutional court in 1994 means possession of small amounts for personal use is not usually prosecuted.


The Greek authorites have stopped prosecuting those in possession of small amounts of cannibis.In 1999 stiff prison sentences for possessing recreational use drugs such as marijuana were revoked,although smokers cought red-handed are still required to have long periods of counsiling.The state has also funded the opening of 36 thearaputic and drug prevention centers in less than a year.


In remote Greenland the government authorities are fighting a losing battleagainst what is a thriving trade in the weed.The drug is illegal,but it is impossible to fight the massive cannibis trade in Greenland as it involves the whole society’said Hans Haahr,cheif of Greenlands Drug Squad.The Drug Squad estimates that the trade in cannibis is worth $75 million,which is equivalent to nearly 10% of the gross national product,including the economic assistance fromDenmark.This makes the cannibis trade Greenlands thrid largest industry messuered in annuale turnover.


Confusion and curruption sourring the drugs laws abound in India-but the safest policy is not to be cought smoking cannibis.The indian government has clamped down ,making little distictions between soft and hard drugs.Anyone charged with illegal possession risks a mandatory ten-year jail sentence and,under Indian law,you are guilty untill proven innocent.In 1997,the Footprint Guidbook to Goa warned that in the 18 months following November 1995,21 foreigners were imprison for drug offences.The local police deny that bribery is rife,but many more foreigners who have been cought smoking joints adimt they have bought their way out of truble.


Use is a criminal offence,but frist and second -time offenders are only fined thearafter custodial sentences can be awared.


Since April 1998 possession of drugs for personal consumption and small-scale cultivation of cannibis are no longer criminal offences.This moved followed a 1992 referendum in which 52% were in favor of decriminalizing possession of cannibis.Possession is now subject to administravtive sanctions rather than proscution,but cultivation,sale and delivery still remain illegal.Loopholes in the present law allow personal use but not personal cultivation.


Cannabis was made illegal in Japan by the post-World War II occupying US administration in 1948-even though it growns abundantly in the wild.  Every year in Japan over a million wild cannabis plants are destroyed by narcotics agents.  Possession of cannabis can bring prison sentences of up to five years and cultivating or trading in cannabis up to seven years.


In May 2001, a groundbreaking bill decriminalized cannabis, making its personal use and pGreen Dreamossession a civil, as opposed to criminal, offense and therefore subject only to fines.


Definitely not the place to be caught withj an eighth in your back pocket.  Malaysia’s drug laws prescribe the mandatory death penalty for poeple trafficking in more than 15g (1/2oz) of heroin or 200g (7oz) of cannabis.  More than 100 people, around a third of them foreigners, have been hanged in Malaysia for drug offences since the mandatory death sentence for trafficking was introduced two decades ago.


African and Asian countries may give the appearance that cannabis is already legal but it remains illegal and many foreigners have to buy their way out of trouble.  However, many of the locals smoke it themselves-especially kif, a mixture of leaf cannabis and black (illegal) tobacco.  In the Katama area in the north, in the mountains, huge crops of cannabis are grown, providing valuable income through sales to the rest of the world.  Natures Best MedsPossession is not prosecuted in Katama.  Elsewhere in Morocco it is usually possible to bribe your way out of a court appearance, which is why police often arrest foreigners.

New Zealand.

In March 1999, the New Zealand government ruled out the legalization of cannabis.  Indeed it went so far as to propose a ban on paraphernalia such as pipes or bongs, with a maximum three-month jail sentence and $1500 fine for anyone caught in possession.  However east of Auckland, on the rugged Coromandal peninsular, a quiet rebellion is under was.  It was here in recent elections that the rest of New Zealand was shocked when seven Green Party MPs were returned to Parliament.  By far the most controversial was Nandor Tanczos, a young dreadlocksproting, dope-smoking Rastafarian,. Tanczos and his Green colleagues are dead set on reforming the cannabis buddrug laws and, more specifically, on legalizing cannabis-and they have the support of many young people. According to recent research, more than half of New Zealand’s population between the ages of 15 and 45 admit to having used pot, which is the highest per-capita rate in the world.


Use is a criminal offence but authorities are often lenient and only impose a fine for small quantities.  In extreme cases, offenders can be locked up for six months.


In Poland it is legal to possess small amounts of cannabis for personal use.masterkush


Despite a reputation for being one of the most socially and religiously conservative countries in Europe, in July 2001 Porugal took everyone by surprise-not least its drug users-by decriminializing the use of all narcotics, from cannabis to crack.  The reasoning behind the amazing move was summed up by Portugal’s drug tsar Vitalino Canas: ‘Why not change the law to recognize that consuming drugs can be an illness or a route to illness? America has spent billions on enforcement but it has got nowhere. We view drug users as people who need help and care.’marijuana


Up until the 1970s, marijuana was only used in the remote Asian territories of the former Soviet Union.  Most of the population preffered vodka.  But the hippie revolution in the USA sent ripples as far as Moscow, and in certain bohemian circles it became de riguer to smoke dope.  Today, while alcohol is still the drug of choice among most Russians, almost all young people will admit to having smoked Personalcannabis.  They have also developed their own cannabis culture.  For a start, instead of rolling the traditional spliff, they prefer to smoke ‘papiroses’-short, stubby cigaretted without filters that are infiltrated with weed called ‘kosyak’.  In the southern regions there is even a popular drink consisting of marijuana boiled with milk fat and butter.

Conviction for buying or selling cannabis can result in imprisonment for between three and seven years.  However, the low-paid Russian police are quite happy to accept bribes.


This woman was killed for somthing that is legal in many places . I know the image is graphic and my be unsetteling to some but this is an example of how extrem some Countries are. in a civilized world that makes no sense!


Adults caught trafficking more than 510g (8oz) of cannabis face the death penalty

Singapore seems to practice strict sex equality with the death penalty and hanged 9 women in the 90’s. Six were executed for drug trafficking under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1973/75 which made drug trafficking a capital offence and 3 were hanged for murder. All Singaporean executions are carried out before dawn on Friday’s in Changi prison and no details are released. Prisoners are usually executed in groups (of up to 7 at a time) with men and women being hanged together using the long drop method. Bodies are returned to the relatives for burial. Executions are now rarely reported unless the criminal is not Singaporean. It is highly probable that more Singaporean women have been hanged for drug trafficking since 2000 and at least one has suffered for murder. Hanged for drug trafficking were: Hong Kong born, Cheuk Mei-mei, aged 29, who was executed on the 3rd of March 1994 followed by Hong Kongese born, Tsang Kai Mong Elke on the 16th of December 1994. Twenty five year old Angel Mou Pui- Peng, who was from the Portuguese province of Macau, went to the gallows on the 6th of January 1995 having been allowed a one week stay of execution to celebrate Christmas as she was a Christian. Tong Ching-man (24) and Poon Yuen-chung (22) who were both from Hong Kong and were only 18 at the time of their crime, were hanged on the 21st of April 1995. Thai national, Navarat Maykha (32), was executed on the 28th of September 1996. Chinese national, Yen May Woen (37), became the first person to be executed in Singapore for drug trafficking in 2004. She was hanged on the 19th of March 2004.


The Spanish authorities prohibit the personal use ot cannabis but seldom prosecute for possession of small amounts-whether or not to arrest is left to the discretion of the police.  Personal possession is now legally defined as up to 50g (1.75oz), but anything over that is considered to be a public health hazzard.


Of all of the European countries, Sweden has the harshest anti-cannabis legislation.  Indeed its attitude verges on the paranoid.  In 1988 drug use was criminalized and in 1993 the penalty for drug consumption was increased to six months imprisonment.  Police have the power to apprehend anyone they even think looks as if they are under the influence of a drug and can take them to a police station and force them to undergo blood and urine tests.


Concern is growing in Switzerland because a legal loophole allows cannabis to be cultivated openly on farms and sold over the counter or Small Amountsvia the Internet as ‘hemp’. Unlike most European countries, Switzerland allows cannabis to be grown legally while prohibiting its use as a drug.  In the Alps, cannabis has enjoyed a reveival among growers in recent years and is cultivated to produce textiles and cosmetics, to flavor food products and even to brew hemp beer.  Dozens of hemp farms have sprung up in Switzerland in the past five years along with 150 hemp shops, where hemp products are sold together with marijuana.  To cover themselves legally, the shops pack the dried weed in cellophane and then barcode, price and label it a “hemp tea”, “dried flowers”, Simone“organic buds” and “scent sachets”.  As a result, Switzerland has become Europe’s biggest hemp producer, with 200 tonnes/tons produced every year and a turnover of $290 billion.


Punitive sentences are issued for anyone caught trafficking drugs.

ok so just take a look around the world and you ask yourself if were criminals or not?ok maybee in fuckin singapore or cuba but we live in the great old usa whos cannibus laws are in the stone age!please feel free to comment on this  blog as it will be a open topic for discussion,i mean if you look at some of these laws comperred to ours,its very evident that we are far behind.As a country we need to unite and speak up.STOP the decriminalization.I really dont want my son to think i a bad guy because i treat my deprresion with cannibis.i would love to here what you think and please voice your opion on the topic no matter how you feel!Our voices are strong together!!!!!

Big Rog Day 6 and Bell’s Palsy Herbal Therapy

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So Friday Was Halloween and I spent the day with the kids, baking cookies, carving pumpkins ECT. By the end of the day I was exhausted. Had a headache, eye ache, pain in my face and behind my ear. I took the kids trick or treating and felt even worse by the end of that. Now here is where I experienced something very interesting. A friend stopped over and suggested I try some herbal therapy and not witch-hazel LOL.

So I figured it couldn’t hurt, I partook in a few doses of this very powerful dank treatment and within no time I felt 110% better the headache, eye ache, pain in my face and behind my ear had gone away and I no longer felt the extreme eye strain I was earlier. I also found that I was able to work on the computer with out the extreme pain and discomfort to my eye and ear. Now the left side of my face still was not working but I felt great. Then as I was talking I started to feel tingling in my face and scalp from the back left side of my head I literally felt the use of my bottom half of the left side of my lip spontaneously return, now I am not saying I was instantly cured but I consider this to be the most progress I have had since my on set of the Bell’s Palsy on Monday Morning. Prior to this treatment I had to push a glass of water tight in to the left side of my mouth in order to drink and after I was able to drink straight from the front of my mouth. I woke up this morning feeling better than I have all week and the improved use of my lower lip seems to have continued.

So take from this what you will and I hope that my putting this information out there helps someone else to work through there experiences, just know that no matter how bad things seam they could definitely be worse. I look at life like everyday I wake up is a good day because some people don’t!

Big thanks to my friends and family that have helped me to realize that this is something I will get through and that staying positive is the best medicine, oh ya and that there are alternative forms of therapy out there that are not man made, but that is a whole different blog!!!!

~Big Rog        


Big Rog working with Bell’s Palsy day 4

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Well i went back to work today and i must say it is hard to do Autocad with one eye that wont blink almost as hard as driving an hour with the sun in my eye LOL!! anyway I was in the studio last night and will be posting another Live from Stickman Studio’s Jam Session from last night. we also spent some time working on our Claymation Video “Cuntasaurus-EX” keep an eye open for more info!! As you can see i am not letting this thing slow me down, thanks for all of the support and uplifting comments!!!

Also Thanks Evil-E for the Cool Animation!!!!!!

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