Welcome to our new site.


***Parental Discretion is Advised***


***Warning::: if you have a weak Stomach for: The Truth, Political views that are not the mainstream 2 party corporate duopoly, other people’s opinions, Freedom, Reality or graphic depictions of the real world outside then turn back now and come no further!!!! ***

Studio Rasta


Big Rog here,

Sexpedal has been real busy we have recently received our copyright on “Lead Foot” our 14 Song record. we will be releasing a 4 song single “Lead Foot the single”, Our fans will be picking which 4 song will be on it.

We have also been working on promotions,

I have been Spreading the word up in Motown.

Sparrow has been doing promotions from Ft. Lauderdale to Mexico & is Currently in Europe.

While I have been showing up all over the Treasure Coast handing out free Schwag from Doctor Feelgood’s in West Palm Beach, Fl. to the Biggest Halloween Party in Fort Pierce.

We will be shipping out Sexpedal Schwag to the Sexpedal Street Team Members very soon.

Visit our Sexpedal Myspace Page


4 Responses to “Welcome to our new site.”

  1. cool site!!!

  2. well what do you all think?

  3. sweet page

  4. Hey,gys I hope you’re doing good in general 🙂
    I see that with the “sexpedal” is going pretty well,bombastik,amasing,great,the-up stream and so on 🙂
    I like what Eric did withe the stickmanstudio page,really fresh and pomping up live-thing.You are really good.
    love and keep pushing it up ! up! :*

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