3.Sexpedal Street Team

If you would like to know how to become a Member of our Sexpedal Street Team leave us a comment below!

Sexpedal street team!How does a team member help promote Sexpedal?A s a team member, you’ll find special projects designed to help promote Sexpedal. Simply sign on to participate in the ones that appeal to you. For example, you might be asked to:

  • Spread the word online by hitting up chat rooms and message boards. Or create your own web page!
  • Answer survey questions that help Sexpedal make decisions about songs to release or cities to tour.
  • Distribute promotional material to locations in your city to show customers, managers, and employees why what you are promoting rocks.
  • Show us your artistic skills by crafting goods we send you into creative, eye-catching displays.
  • Hand out stickers, postcards, or other goods to like-minded music lovers at concerts where your favorite bands are playing.
  • Report back – let us know what you did and share your observations.

How does a team member benefit when they participate?

There are many benefits and opportunities that open up to the active team member, including:

  • Access to exclusive content and inside information
  • Hands-on Marketing and Promotions experience
  • Networking and developing contacts
  • Experience in marketing and promoting bands and products
  • Stepping-stones to other positions within the Entertainment Industry
  • Access to concerts, events and promotional materials

Being part of a team is definitely what you make of it. That means if you sit on your hands, you won’t have much of an experience. If you get involved and give 110%, you will be rewarded in many ways.
You must be at least 13 years old to apply.

Sexpedal Street Team Members

Street Team Captain Detroit, Michigan

Hazel Park Michigan Street Team Captain

Street Team Captain Hazel Park, Michigan

Port Saint Lucie, Fl. Street Team Member

Port Saint Lucie, FL. Street Team Member

Ohio Street Team Member

Ohio Street Team Member

Auburn Hills, Michigan  Street Team Captain

Auburn Hills, Michigan Street Team Captain

Balgaria Street Team Captain

Street Team Captain........... Sofia, Grad Sofiya, Bulgaria

Fort Lauderdale Street Team Member

Ft. Lauder dale Street Team Member

Ft. Lauder dale Street Team Member

Ft. Lauder dale Street Team Member


9 Responses to “3.Sexpedal Street Team”

  1. I am NOt just a member, I am A fan!

  2. Great we will be contacting you!


  4. Yo Sexpedal. I will be honored to be your street team! Send me some promotions so that I can get to work!

    Awesome music,,,,,,,,,,,, keep it going!

  5. count me it would be my pleasure to help out and can’t wait for you guys to rock back hear in the D. The old stompin grounds and I used to live in Fla. TOO

  6. Well,I am IN! ;)!

  7. Hell yea, I love your kick ass music I would love to be a part of your team.

  8. Hell ya! Cass is here to help, just let me know what to do…
    Us ghetto crew gots ta stick together!
    Much Love, can’t wait to see you guys rock again! It’s been awhile since burgess (Rog’s g-rage, and my basement)
    P.S. LOVE the new sounds, a lil old mixed with a lil new
    Gotta love that!

  9. Rodney L Wallace Says:

    Dude this would be cool, I hope it works.

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