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Press Release: For immediate release #petrified

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Press Release: For immediate release
‪#‎petrified‬ #PetrifiedTheMovie
Dark Continent Studios has Commissioned WTF Productions & Sexpedal

Sexpedal will be doing the Sound track for a the New Indie Horror Film Called Petrified Based on the True Story of the Devils Tree in Port saint Lucie Florida!
In Port St. Lucie, FL, there is a little park where people go to fish, or put their boats into the C-24 Canal. In 1973, before the park or any houses were built in the area, the serial killer Gerard John Schaefer. According to a news article: This homicidal Broward County, Florida, ex-policeman, though convicted in 1973 of only two mutilation murders, is believed to be responsible for at least thirty more killings. A sadistic sex-beast by nature, Schaefer would lure young women off the roads with the help of his badge to rape, torture, mutilate and murder.

Dark Continent Studios has Commissioned WTF Productions to launch their Metro Detroit Casting call as well as Provide Visual content, onsite shoots,Green screen compositions, practical special effects,Social Networking & site logistics
WTF Productions will also be interviewing individuals for the Petrified Metro Detroit Street Team.




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