6.The Evil-E Road Trip

Evil-E Will be on road trips from time to time.

Some will be Strictly business (Gigs, Recording sessions ect.) other will be Just Because you tell him to go there to Meet and Greet, Party, sign autographs, give away free Sexpedal shwag ect.

These Road trips will be a grass roots operation Partially Coordinated / Hosted by Club owners, radio stations, and veracious Sexpedal Street Teams we have in place throughout the Country.

The Evil-E Road Trip will be sponsored by our fans and local businesses.

The Evil-E Road Trip Schedule

November 20th 2008 – Detroit to South Florida

There will be two events one will be a House party

at an undisclosed Street Team Members Pad & only Registered fans will be on the list.

The other will be a Special Ops Top Secret Performance  on 12-6-08 in West Palm Beach Florida.

So Reply Below to register to be a Sexpedal Street Team Member Today!!!


You can also leave your vote on where to send Evil-E. From Detroit to PSL and back again!!

Contribute to The Evil-E Road Trip click here

6 Responses to “6.The Evil-E Road Trip”


  2. Keepin it real and always doing it like a rock star!!

  3. HA!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!

  4. What up Homey! You know I’m down to ride!

  5. […] a little short on funds so sense your not paying a cover for the party you can all donate to the road trip fund.i still need to pay my cell phone and wirleless access bills so i can blog to our fans,and have […]

  6. why you gotta say that shit

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